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Are you ready to create lasting behavior change?

Declutter your mind, body, and spaces one habit at a time.

Streamline your inbox, increase your concentration, and maximize your time.
Clean up your digital and physical spaces to make room for creativity and focus.
Improve your physical, mental, and emotional health with routines that last.


If you’re here, it means you want real behavior change – on your own terms.

You want to know that you will be able to achieve YOUR unique goals – not your friend, your mom, your boss, or that influencer you follow on Instagram that seems like they have a perfect life.

You’ve read self-help books before, but what happens when the book offers advice? You read it and move on to the next chapter. Yep. That’s what I do too.

That’s why I designed my book with specific, actionable steps at Novice, Pro, and Master levels to help you stay focused and create positive momentum in every area of life.


I realize that a book is not enough unless you are incredibly motivated. Like crazy-motivated. And highly disciplined. Motivation just isn’t enough. It’s not reliable, and it won’t ensure progress.

There’s no way I could put all my experience and resources to accomplish your goals into one book. The Masterclass is designed to create real results that will help you achieve all-new levels of health, wellness, productivity, and success one month at a time.

With many behaviors I needed to implement, the hill seemed so high I didn’t know where to start. Marcey shares her journey and successes in small and manageable chunks so I can relate. Here are just a few things I’ve accomplished in the first three months of the masterclass:

  • Paralyzed by 29+ years of stuff to sort, donate, recycle, and move into our new house, I outsourced that to my kids.
  • Committed email bankruptcy and have a method of Delete, Delegate, or Deal with it for all of my emails, and I streamlined my folders.
  • I use cell phone calls for Movement Opportunities and see my 16 steps in my house as an opportunity rather than a chore.
  • I took baby steps in reducing sugar and artificial sweetener. Totally eliminating it would have never worked. With Marcey’s help, I found ways to decrease it gradually, even for my favorite Peppermint Mocha Latte.

The best part is she shares herself and doesn’t give advice she hasn’t done personally or witness in others.

Barbara Wagner


What you can expect FROM the program:

 Three recorded webinars on productivity, clutter, and health dripped out one month at a time to create habits at a sustainable pace.

Guest expert recorded webinars.

Monthly *live* Ask Me Anything office hours with Marcey where you can…ask her anything! 

Extra training and resources
Free entry into Focus90 sessions.

All this is yours for the investment of $997 or $97/month for one year.

I attended one of Marcey’s “Ask Me Anything” sessions and was lucky enough to have a question answered. I shared my struggles as a packrat with my personal e-mail (an account I’ve had for 14 years!). While affirming my predicament, she offered practical tips that helped me get rid of the stuff I don’t need, organize what’s left, and manage what arrives in the future. Now my inbox isn’t full of stuff that makes me feel guilty, and I look forward to checking my e-mail. I’m so pleased to be able to benefit from Marcey’s wisdom in this forum.
Susan Brumbaugh


What’s Ask Me Anything?

It’s a 20-minute session once a month where you can ask Marcey anything related to productivity, clutter, or health. Submit your question ahead of time, and if you’re picked, you’ll benefit from the same private coaching that Marcey gives her clients!

What this program is NOT:


This is not a 10,000 person Facebook group where you become another number and the leader shows up when it’s convenient. Submit your question to the Ask Me Anything monthly webinar and get access to Marcey!


This is not a $10 a month program where the founders care more about the number of people in the program than how many will achieve success.

If you’re ready to step up and create real behavior change for the long-term, invest today.

Marcey Rader Presenting

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