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Marcey Rader

About Marcey Rader

Marcey Rader believes that health powers productivity. She is a multi-certified health and productivity expert, Certified Speaking Professional® (CSP), Certified Virtual Presenter, a three-time author, and an award-winning, global keynote speaker. As the founder of RaderCo, Marcey helps executives, teams, and individuals banish burnout, keep good people, and keep moving forward through practical, tailored tools, healthy, sustainable habits, and coaching accountability.

After a case of high-stress, high-performance corporate burnout triggered three autoimmune diseases, she became a passionate advocate for valuing wellness in the workplace and teaching how health can be the most powerful key to sustaining productivity in your career, team, and organization.

Sought-after by Fortune 100 companies, startups, and everyone in-between, Marcey’s spoken for tens of thousands of people across the United States and worldwide – from Dubai to Tokyo to Mexico City. As a high-impact speaker, she trains her audiences to amp up their energy, conquer the calendar, master tasks, and extinguish their email.


Productive, Clutter-free, Healthy Living – One Step at a Time

If you are ready to become more productive, declutter your spaces, and embrace healthy living, you must read this now.

Did you know engaging in just one unhealthy behavior can decrease productivity in all areas of life?

This easy to use and adaptable guide will show you how you can kick your productivity into high gear — while Working Well and Playing More!

This book is a MUST for anyone looking for clear steps, goals, and habits, but for whom strict rules feel…well too restrictive.

The best part is you can approach this book like the menu at your favorite restaurant. The habit changes are sorted by category (productivity, decluttering, and health) and level of difficulty (Novice, Pro, Master). Go ahead! Pick and choose, mix and match, and, above all, do what works for you.

Interview Questions for Marcey Rader

Author of Work Well. Play More!

What does “Work Well. Play More!” mean and what inspired you to write it?
Was there a specific incident that served as inspiration for this book?
What challenges did you face in writing this book?
You say you have implemented these strategies in your own life. How have the habits outlined in the book changed since you started?
How can “novices” implement the habits that you outline in the book?
In the book, you say everyone should go through an elimination provocation diet at least once. Why do you feel that way?
What’s the most important thing readers will learn from this book?
People listening to this often struggle with time. What’s your best advice on how they can deal with that?
When do you write? Is it easier to write in the morning or at night?
What extra support can readers get to help them implement the behaviors in the book?
What’s your favorite story from a reader on how a behavior change from the book impacted their life?

You have a masterclass to complement the book. How does that work?

Where can we buy the book?

Five things you may not know about me.

I started my career in the pharmaceutical and biotech clinical research industry, which was a pivot from my advanced degrees in exercise science, health, and nutrition.
I competed in over one hundred endurance and ultra-endurance events, qualified for the Boston Marathon, and hiked the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim.
I brew my own Kombucha tea.

I have played over 5000 games of SkipBo with my husband. And I usually win.

I have an infrared sauna and use it daily.


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Work Well Play More Book
Work Well Play More Book
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Work Well Play More Book

This could be LIFE changing!

I recently downloaded this book, and have now decided I MUST have the paper copy. This book is CHOCK full of practical & actionable strategies, tips, tricks and ideas that can truly change your life. I am a 13 year veteran of the productivity consulting and professional organizing industry, and this will be a book I encourage ALL of my clients to purchase and implement.

And, Marcey is so fun to listen to! If you are looking for a roadmap to truly take action that will lead to long-term results in being a more organized and productive individual, this is a MUST HAVE book.

10 Stars!

Elisabeth Galperin

Productivity Coach, Turn Leaf Organizing


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