Engage your team with an experience to remember

Help them Work Well and Play More with:
  • Increased energy & improved decision-making
  • Reduced burnout and stronger presence
  • Efficient processing through less reactivity
  • Better control over inbox and workflow
  • Habits that align with their inner genius
  • Meetings that matter with results and actions
Whether you’re a team of two or a 500-person department, the Work Well. Play More!® Institute’s interactive, engaging workshops can change your company culture forever – for the better. We go way beyond theory to provide practical, real world, big-picture insight into how your organization’s working today and where you can go from here.

Productivity. Health. Performance. Workshops can last from a single hour to an entire day, as you prefer.

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How to Work Well and Play More While Growing a Business, Climbing the Corporate Ladder, Managing Chronic Illness, Traveling for Business, and Living With Hashimoto’s Disease!


I speak on topics related to productivity, health, time and task management, nutrition, exercise, travel and how all those fit together. Every presentation gets customized to match your organization and audience’s specific needs to make sure the outcome you’re after is the one your group takes away.

These topics can be presented as interactive team workshops or keynote presentations.


Marcey’s love and passion for what she does shine through in the way she shows up in her work, and in life. Her enthusiasm and no-nonsense attitude truly set her apart, and she elevates the energy in the room, every time! The comprehensive information she provides can be applied immediately, so you walk away from her presentation, not just with the knowledge of what to do, but with the plan and action steps to put it in place. Marcey’s work is always top notch, and she genuinely cares about the success of her clients and their business.

Noelle Ybarra

Wellness Coordinator, RTI International

Marcey’s program was amazingly helpful! As a busy person of many years, I thought I had it all figured out. Her ideas have changed the way I operate day-to-day. I was even applying tips she gave right during the program! Work is flowing, I’m getting more done and I feel at ease while doing it. Troy Stende

Professional Speaker, Stende Inspirations

The time management steps to better productivity were so useful. As CEO, I’m already feeling I have more time in my day by not allowing the email tool to dictate my schedule. My team said it was a fun, interactive way to learn new skills and think differently. I feel so much more connected to my team after this session. The investment was a total win. Pam Chanfrau

CEO, ACP Resources, Inc.

I took away tons of practical information from her talk. I travel 50 days a year and the binder clip idea…I’m totally doing that!

Thanks Marcey! Karl Sakas

Business Consultant, Karl Sakas


Let’s rock! I can’t wait.