Due to COVID-19, we’ve adapted all of our services for virtual delivery.
Due to COVID-19, we’ve adapted all of our services for virtual delivery.


Practical + actionable = results.

Help them Work Well and Play More with:
  • Increased energy & improved decision-making
  • Reduced burnout and overwhelm
  • Overcoming the obstacles that decrease concentration
  • Efficient email processing with less reactivity
  • Task prioritization to work on business instead of busyness
  • Effective use of tech without becoming a gadget-slave
  • Habits that align with their inner genius
  • Meetings that increase creativity and collaboration
  • Appropriate transitions to turn it on and shut it off

Whether you’re a team of two or a 500-person department, Work Well. Play More! provides interactive, engaging workshops that can change your company culture on the spot. We go way beyond theory to provide the practical, real-world, in-the-weeds application.

Productivity. Health. Performance. Programs tailored to your team, department or entire company.


Work Well. Play More!
Task Mastery
Energy Escalators
Hack the Mobile Lifestyle


During the past 2 years, the Vertex Pharmaceuticals women in leadership employee resource group has brought Marcey Rader in several times to deliver workshops to large groups of employees. Topics include managing email, prioritizing work tasks to focus on the most important and impactful, and taking care of our bodies through food, sleep, and mindful behavior to ensure maximum productivity and work-life synergy. Marcey is a dynamic speaker who brings a data-driven approach and simple recommendations that anyone can implement. People still talk about her workshops months after they occur. There is no doubt that Marcey Rader has influenced individuals to modify behaviors resulting in improved self-care and increased productivity.
Mary-Lynn Fulton on behalf of IWILL

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Marcey’s love and passion for what she does shine through in the way she shows up in her work, and in life. Her enthusiasm and no-nonsense attitude truly set her apart, and she elevates the energy in the room, every time! The comprehensive information she provides can be applied immediately, so you walk away from her presentation, not just with the knowledge of what to do, but with the plan and action steps to put it in place. Marcey’s work is always top notch, and she genuinely cares about the success of her clients and their business.

Noelle Ybarra

Wellness Coordinator, RTI International

Thanks so much for the webinar. I took a ton of notes and had a few ah-has! After the training, I immediately received FB posts and texts raving about it and you with a lot of “I love her!” messages.

Emily Geizer

Director, Beautycounter

Your ability to convey information, whether new to the attendees or not, in a way that kept them engaged and wanting more was fantastic! The group includes a variety of personalities, but you managed to reach them all. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and people continue to talk about it. You helped people realize that they’re not alone in the challenges they face or the bad habits they may have developed, but without judgment.That connection and actionable information really resonated with the group at large.

Kade Kimber

Marketing Strategist, APC, Inc.


Let’s rock! I can’t wait.

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