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Annette Adamska

Annette Adamska is the founder of Back Up Your Life®️, a new kind of professional organizing firm helping individuals, couples, and families with planning, preparation, and peace of mind when it comes to all the details and documents in their lives. Through its subsidiary, Back Up Your Business®️, Annette works with small business owners to document, store, and share business information and processes so they can overcome the overwhelm and better drive productivity, increase revenue, and even take that vacation. She breaks your plan into manageable pieces, and gets you to a point when you can sleep well at night, knowing you and your loved ones are ready for whatever life has in store.

How can Annette help you in your Work Well. Play More! coaching program?

Life happens….medical situation, weather event, or travel conundrum with no WiFI. You might also be the executor of a will for your parents or adult children, but does that will specify their digital legacy and how they want that handled?You could cover one of these topics in a coaching session with Annette:


Back Up Your Business!®️

  • Policies and procedures for the systems and or social media you use and how to interact with clients or followers.
  • Where’s the Money? Know where the money comes in, how it leaves, and make sure you aren’t the only one who has that information.
  • If something does happen, even temporarily, what you would want your customers, vendors, social media followers, etc. to know and how would they find out?

Back Up Your Life!®️

  • Who can get to my passwords and online accounts if something happened to me?
  • If I got into an accident, would my loved ones know how I’d want them to handle things?
  • Do I have everything valuable in my house documented and stored somewhere safe?
  • Do I know how to handle the digital legacy of my elderly parents or my adult children if they need my help?

After seeing three people still have profiles on LinkedIn who have died in the last two years, I know how important it is to have something in place to remove your digital footprint. As someone who suffered an unexpected head injury and didn’t know what a toothbrush was for, having a plan in place for my husband to know who to call and how to alert people, was important for my business. Victim of credit card fraud? Yep, that too, and having an effective password management system and plan has saved us loads of time and money.

Becky Sansbury

Becky Sansbury, creator of After the Shock™, specializes in crisis care for executives and organizations. She served as a hospice chaplain for fourteen years, and then worked with professionals in career crisis during the recession. Becky distilled the attitudes and actions of thousands of people making their way through shocking times into seven common elements of resilience. In 2015, she published After the Shock: Getting You Back on The Road to Resilience When Crisis Hits You Head On. Whether presenting to global organizations like Ronald McDonald House Charities® or coaching executives, Becky provides fresh perspectives and practical tools designed to re-establish normality in abnormal times.

How can Becky help you in your Work Well. Play More! coaching program?

Wham! Illness. Divorce. Death. Many people experience a life shock, but an executive must maintain a public role while navigating a private crisis. To help you maneuver a challenging time more successfully, you could cover one of these topics in a coaching session with Becky:


  • Identify and implement your unique life stabilizers using the After the Shock™ model.
  • Learn simple techniques to regain control of your emotions if they become out of control.
  • Recognize the impact of your situation on others and develop adaptive strategies as needed.

After the Shock is my most gifted book. Whether you are in a crisis yourself or helping someone else in need, it is a must-read. Becky has been instrumental in helping my executives navigate crisis while maintaining the level of calm and control they need to run their company and lead their teams.

Christina Rowe

Christina Rowe is the founder of The Collaborative Team and is Gallup-Certified in Strength-based coaching for individuals, management, and teams. Holding a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, which concentrated on successful organizational development, change, and culture. She helps teams know, communicate, and function together working with the CliftonStrengths Assessment as a shared language to empower teams to understand the unique perspectives and skills of each team member, and creates a path to high performance and engagement. Highly engaged teams are more productive and report higher quality of life.

How can Christina help you in your Work Well. Play More! coaching program?

Christina has worked with the board of directors and industry leaders in fields ranging from medical specialties, technology, construction, and creative production. You could cover one of these topics in a coaching session with Christina after completing the CliftonStrengths Assessment test:


  • Debrief your top five strengths, how they show up for you, and where you may not be fully tapping into your potential.
  • Improve your communication, impact, and relationships with yourself and others.
  • Apply your strengths to your management and career to get the greatest results possible!
Learning my Top Five Strengths was truly enlightening for me. I realized that what I sometimes saw as faults were actually what made me excel and I could use those to my best advantage. Christina helped me approach my assistant with a difficult conversation that had been plaguing me for months, all because she knew how our perspectives were different. Neither of us was right or wrong, we just weren’t in sync with the other’s needs.

Helen Moses

Helen Moses, founder of Command Communication, has over 30 years of extensive training and experience as a classically-trained singer, speech-language pathologist, and Distinguished Toastmaster. She is an accomplished public speaker and facilitator, author, and business owner. She was named North Carolina’s Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year for 2016-2017 and has served as the speaker coach for TEDx Raleigh since 2017.

How can Helen help you in your Work Well. Play More! coaching program?

As a sought-out speaker and coach, she helps her clients change their lives through speaking up and connecting every time they talk, whether on stages, in the boardroom, or in difficult conversations. You may cover one of these topics in your sessions with Helen:


  • Have you been told you are intimidating or timid? Sound arrogant or lack confidence? Learn to leverage and project your unique voice in any speaking situation and convey the qualities and eloquence you want others to see in you.
  • Improve your ability to engage members of your team, whether speaking in front of the group, in a face-to-face meeting, video conference, or telephone call.
  • Learn specific tips to connect with an audience of any size so they will want to listen when you speak, thus increasing your influence and impact.


Do you think your voicemail greeting doesn’t matter? Wrong! It’s often the first impression, and Helen has helped both me and my clients have a voice of confidence in several situations. One client said that in one session, she helped him with the problem of talking too fast on calls, something he had been working on for thirty years.

Remember how I felt video conferencing was on the cusp of being the norm?

Remember how I was freaking out about the idea of video conferencing clients?

Remember how you brought Helen into my life to teach me how to do it with confidence?

Now, I’m not only confidently video-conferencing clients, I helped set up my wife so she can conduct psychotherapy sessions online. It’s been very rewarding to help her help others when they need it most. Thank you yet again—your work continues benefiting me!

Matt Bailey

President, Integr8 Research

Helene Bumbalo

With her Master’s degree in Counseling, Helene spent the first part of her career in the healthcare field. And that was just the beginning of her personal “Crooked Career Path”! In 2004, she created HirePower Associates, LLC and moved into Human Resources where she taught other individuals and groups the skills she learned for active career management, effective resume writing, killer interview skills, and strong personal branding.

How can Helene help you Work Well and Play More?

Helene’s international and multicultural experience has enabled clients across the world and across the table to understand each other better through effective communication and understanding. For those seeking new opportunities both within and outside their company, Helene’s interviewing and resume process will set you apart. You may cover one of these topics in your sessions with Helene:


  • Create verbal and written communication tools and strategies that get the desired results, including resumes, cover, letters and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Improve communication delivery and effectiveness of technical or scientific material to non-technical audiences.
  • Better understand the multicultural communication skills needed in diverse national and international business environments.
  • Review and suggest content for your LinkedIn profile.
Helene’s work with my clients has helped them ace interviews, but more importantly, understand the cultural differences that they or the person across the table has. Small nuances can make lasting impressions when dealing with people from other cultures, even within the same country.
Marcey Rader


Sylvia Inks is a business & financial coach and founder of SMI Financial Coaching, LLC. She has ten years of experience working with one of the world’s largest consulting firms, helping
Fortune 500 companies in financial services, insurance, healthcare and technology to improve processes, performance, and profitability.

Her bestselling book, Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur – Blueprint for Building a Solid, Profitable Business, provides step-by-step solutions to help new and seasoned business owners get organized, use the right tools to manage their finances, and become more confident in making business decisions based on their numbers.

How can Sylvia help you in your Work Well. Play More! Coaching program?

Sylvia’s passion to help small business owners achieve financial success is apparent in her methodical approach to understanding the bottom line. She helps owners become confident and build a profitable business by learning the skills necessary. You may cover one of these topics in your sessions with Sylvia:


  • Set-up tools and create processes to collect payment on invoices, pay yourself as a business owner, and pay bills on-time.
  • Understand where the money is going and create a monthly budget.
  • Identify ways to make more money in the business or decrease expenses to increase profitability.
I consider myself very good with finances and even I get high-value from Sylvia. Her book is one of the best for small business owners and she coaches and educates without judgement. I completely trust her advice for me and my clients.

Wendy Gates Corbett

Wendy Gates Corbett left behind a successful 20-year career as a corporate training executive to embark on her passion mission: to rid the world of bad presentations.

She is a sought-after international speaker, author, and trainer. As a presentation consultant, she works with leaders to prepare them to deliver presentations with clarity, confidence, and compelling slides. Wendy has designed more than 2000 presentations, including serving as the Slide Designer for TEDxRaleigh.

Her clients rely on her superpowers to help them develop a crisp, memorable message and a presentation prep strategy so that they can confidently and clearly deliver it on game day.

How Can Wendy Help You Work Well and Play More?

Consider her two taglines: 1: Make Your Message More Memorable and 2: Present Yourself Confidently. Wendy loves to work with people when they’re stuck prepping for an upcoming presentation. Whether it’s finding the message’s key takeaway, how to present convincingly and with confidence (both in-person and virtually), or how to create slides that don’t make you cringe, she works collaboratively with clients to get unstuck. Wendy could help you solve one of these nagging challenges:

  • I have to do a presentation to [my manager, the executive team, investors, a conference breakout session, etc.] and I have no clue where to start.
  • I know what I want to say in my upcoming presentation, but I want (or need) to make sure I say it convincingly and confidently.
  • My slides suck! I want to make them better, but I refuse to get a master’s degree in PowerPoint (or Keynote or Google Slides). What can I do to make them better?

Who has slides that make them feel like a bad-ass? I do! I hired Wendy to design a custom template and help with images to make my presentation stand out. The tricks I’ve learned from her has saved me hours of wasted work.

Ludy de Menten

Ludy de Menten is the founder of Healthy with Ludy, LLC. She is a Certified Autoimmune Protocol Health Coach and Genomic Medicine Clinician, with a PhD in Biology. She worked 10 years in Clinical Trials Management for Pharmaceutical Companies to develop drugs to treat chronic diseases. Her health challenges lead her to change career and share what she learned in the process. Ludy is working with individuals with autoimmune, chronic or inflammatory diseases who want to take control of their health by means of natural ways. Our human body requires specific nutrients and environment in order to thrive and repair itself. Ludy will educate you on what your unique body needs, what it doesn’t need and how to put it all together for you to feel the best while managing a chronic disease.

How can Ludy help you in your Work Well. Play More! coaching program?

Our health is critical in our lives. Without it, we cannot work efficiently (or at all). We cannot take care of our loved ones (partner, children, pets, family, friends), and we cannot enjoy living (play, travel, discover). It is time to take care of yourself. You may cover one of these topics in your sessions with Ludy:


  • Identify which food will provide the best nutrients for your unique body to thrive and which ones may be harmful.
  • Incorporate recommended recipes and resources to your own situation and busy life.
  • Understand how to detoxify the environment around you by making better choices on daily used products.

Having three autoimmune diseases myself, I know how important it is to have the support needed to make hard lifestyle changes. Ludy’s approach is customized to each individual so that they can reach their optimal health, no matter what their issue is.

Elisabeth Galperin

Elisabeth is a sought-after productivity coach, consultant, and speaker, who assists highly-driven business leaders and professionals to better manage their time, information, and space. Her collaborative approach enables & empowers clients to improve their personal habits, routines & systems; implement effective processes at work, and increase personal productivity and professional fulfillment. Elisabeth is a Golden Circle Member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and a Certified Productive Environment Specialist (CPES) with the Productive Environment Institute.

How can Elisabeth help you Work Well and Play More?

To help you increase productivity and/or improve organization, you could cover one of these topics in a coaching session with Elisabeth:

  • Process email more efficiently and proactively.
  • Prioritize tasks to ensure focus and highest return on your time & energy.
  • Eliminate mental, digital & physical clutter to improve decision-making.
  • Reduce feelings of overwhelm from work & family demands.

Hiring another productivity coach was a challenge because I have a very specific way of doing things that works. Elisabeth was such a great match I feel confident handing any client to her. We’re so much alike in our philosophies of what is effective it’s almost scary!

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