Who’s behind the Work Well. Play More! Institute?

Good people.


Founder at large

Hi! Let’s get the basics out of the way quickly: I’m a coach and speaker with a multi-role background in corporate operations. I’m also a best-selling author, online course creator, spokesperson, and the founder of both Marcey Rader Coaching and the Work Well. Play More! Institute. I’m regularly featured in popular media including Money, Inc., Business Travel News, Shape, Eating Well and Training Edge. Neat, huh? But you’re not here to hear about me. Not really. Right? You’re here to see if I can help you and your team rock your own worlds and feel great doing it. You bet your socks I can. You and I are going to get active. Engaged (not like that, silly). Excited. And we’re going to bring your whole team into that frame of mind with us. You can ask Cisco, SAS, Biogen, RTI International, Syngenta, Emaar Properties, or any of my other corporate clients. They’ll tell you about the best part: We’re going to have a ton of fun in the process. Because although I’ve got plenty of credentials to be all three, I’m not some same-old motivational speaker, a corny corporate coach, or just another trivial trainer. I’m a road warrior. But no Superwoman: my high-intensity career showed me that a high-stress, high-travel, high-burnout lifestyle is a great way to make yourself sick. Literally and life-threateningly ill. It was bad. But! By shifting my entire focus to proving that professional performance and productivity don’t. Have. To hurt. Your health… I got better. And hey, I’d already hiked the Grand freakin’ Canyon, rim to rim to rim. Why stop there?




(including two ironmans)


6 – 30hr Adventure Races
(including two National Championships)


Endurance and Ultra Trail Running Races


Endurance and Ultra Mountain Bike Races

If I can do it, you can, too.
Be a road warrior. Choose your destination.
I’ll show you where to start and guide you toward your goals.

And we’ll inspire your team – your entire organization –
to keep up with us at every step. To pass us if they can!


IT and tech-support wizard

Marcey steers the ship and I keep us sailing smoothly by making sure our websites, social media, and newsletters all work (and look!) like they’re supposed to.

You’ll also get to meet me if you’re an entrepreneur – I help growing businesses set up simple websites you can maintain yourself moving forward, and train WWPM clients in the finer points of task-prioritization and Virtual Assistant best-practices (so you know what you’re doing when you hire your own).


Someday just might be today
Someday just might be today
Someday just might be today


We absolutely must have a conversation.

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