Coaching, consulting, & coffee

You’ve probably been around the block a few times. Us too – different blocks. That’s what coaching and consulting is all about: bringing new information, skills, advice, and guidance to the table. Giving you the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

Climb the ladder? Close the deal? Inspire the team?
Build the business? All of those?

You got this – and we’ll teach you to rock it

without sacrificing your health or productivity.

  • Single or serial workshops
  • Private virtual coaching for team members
  • Executive coaching for the major players
  • Access to the Work Well. Play More!® Health and Productivity for High Achievers program
  • A whole new way to perceive your present…and shape yourself a rockin’ future


(I want. To. Rock. ♫)!


I never thought about how health and productivity went together until I started working with you. Now I know why I wasn’t able to make big changes in the past.

Andrea Pereira

HR Business Parter, Biogen

As a Productivity and Health Coach, Marcey is a valuable business resource. She has the remarkable ability to bring things to back to basics so they are manageable and doable rather than overwhelming and daunting. When you work with Marcey, you are mentored by a warm, compassionate human being who will give you both the incentive and tools for incremental changes that make a big difference in your work and personal your life.

Stephanie Scotti

Founder, Professionally Speaking

Investing in productivity coaching is not a sign of laziness or weakness. It’s a sign of ‘I’m worth it and so is my business’.

Wendy Gates Corbett

Founder, Refresher Training

What behaviors do you feel like changing?

How do you want to rock?
I’ve helped clients…

  • Nail that promotion or secure a new position
  • Enjoy their most successful entrepreneurial months ever
  • Lost up to 50 pounds (no kidding!)
  • Decrease or even eliminate the need for medications
  • Build tighter teams with more flexibility and fun
  • STOP working nights and weekends.
  • Enjoy a REAL vacation – 100% unplugged
  • Begin (and graduate) an Executive MBA program
  • Use the RIGHT systems to save money on outsourced labor
  • Schedule a sacrifice-free life – Work Well. Play More!®




Duration: 25min

We’ll review this Health and Productivity Scorecard together, see where you stand today, and determine if coaching is the best way to help you move forward.


Duration: 25min

Looking for a powerhouse presenter for your event? Let’s connect. Please make sure to describe the nature of your call so I can come in prepared; ready to wow.

We have a great team and a solid network of partners whose range of backgrounds include speaking, career counseling, international culture, communication, leadership, image, and branding.

And we can help you think, act, and rock like a boss as you grow your business, inspire your team, and shape your future.