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If you're looking for all the links, references, and resources I mention in the book, you're in the right place! Click on the corresponding month below to find the tools, programs, or services for that month. If the item has an (*) asterisk, it means it is an affiliate link, which means I make a little $ with no extra cost to you. Check back regularly because if I find a cool product or make a new corresponding video, I'll add it to the appropriate month.

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Month Two

Health - Sugar


Productivity - Protect Yourself and Others
Declutter - Brain
Health - Future planning


I sincerely thank you for reading my book. Whether you bought it, received it as a gift, or borrowed it, you made it this far so it must have meant something. If you feel like this book was valuable, whether you loved it or just kind of liked it, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Without sounding like someone desperately needing a friend, in today’s world where anyone can write and self-publish, reviews are one of the primary ways other readers find books like this one, especially in the giant categories of organization, health, and productivity.

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